Positioning a Brand: Selling a Lifestyle, Not Just a Product

When it comes to positioning a brand, smart marketers will ask, what is customer relationship marketing? Customer relationship marketing involves building emotional attachment with consumers of a product. The goal is to sell the lifestyle that goes along with the product. In this presentation, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell examines some of the best television ads and current trends in marketing. He shows how the Justin Boots brand inspires devotion and what other brands can learn from them.

Graeme explains that Justin Boots is a brand that advertises a lifestyle along with its footwear and has created one of the best advertising campaigns in the process. Current marketing trends show that Justin Boots has created a cowboy way of life to go alongside their brands. They have created things such as horse of the month, cowboy profiles, cowboy weddings, dude ranch locations, and incredible amounts of content dedicated to marketing the cowboy lifestyle and positioning a brand with their boots. Justin Boots sells cowboy swagger and the boots are how they demonstrate it to begin with. To them it is all about how the customers feel about themselves and reiterating the point that cowboys are like family. Graeme’s goal is to show that building an emotional attachment and creating a lifestyle for a product will help establish the devotion needed to create a valuable customer base.


  1. Hmmm….bad choice to show the man with toe caps and fake spur straps on his boots.. That man has never sat on a horse nor come close to the cowboy lifestyle.

    • Therein lies the beauty of the brand! Who knows what this man’s story is, but he gets to feel like a cowboy every time he puts those boots on. The cowboy lifestyle is clearly not for everyone, but Justin Boots has positioned itself well enough to appeal not only to the diehard wranglers, but to the weekend warriors as well.

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