B2B Emotional Marketing

Emotional Marketing Strategies and Techniques

602 Communications Onsite Workshop for Consumer and B2B Advertising

This one or two-day workshop is designed for everyone involved in your marketing, advertising, sales and customer service efforts. Drawing from thousands of best-in-class TV commercials, the workshop demonstrates the concept of emotional marketing and how to apply its strategies and techniques to build stronger, emotionally powered, relationships with your customers. With Emotional Marketing, your customers will know what your company stands for, trust your business, and feel an affinity for your products and services. This in turn will enable your company to open more doors, close more sales, and promote greater loyalty and passion among your customers.

clearConducted onsite at your facility, this fast-paced, entertaining, and hands-on workshop is broken into two parts. The first part will help your company determine who you are, who you are perceived to be, what image you are trying to project, and how appropriate that image is to your goals. The second part will show you specifically how to create advertising and messaging that resonates with your customers or target audience.
Part One: Evaluating and Optimizing Your Emotional Drivers. The first half of the workshop we evaluate your current communications (advertising, product positioning, corporate image) to determine which emotional drivers you are currently tapping into. Then, in discussion with your team members, we examine the pros and cons of your current emotional drivers, consider alternative emotional drivers, and explore the emotional drivers being used successfully by other companies, both in and out of your industry. By the end of Part One, your team will have viable concepts for tapping the powerful passion your customers.
Part Two: Delivering Your Message with Maximum Impact Through Creative Vehicles. In the second half of the workshop, we drill down to the specific ways that your emotional drivers can be delivered for maximum effect through appropriate creative vehicles. By actually brainstorming and discussing various creative approaches, your team will learn first-hand, the specific concepting, writing and production techniques needed to deliver the various emotional drivers through the most effective creative vehicles. By the end of Part Two, your team will have the tools to create and sustain a long-term campaign that reflects and connects to the passions of your customers, and the potential of your market.

With the 602 Communications Strategies and Techniques Workshop, your marketing executives and product managers will learn how to design overall marketing strategies that reflect the emotions and mindset of your customers to form a more clearmeaningful and lasting relationship. Your creatives will understand how to translate that strategy into compelling, high-impact advertising and positioning that connects emotionally with your customers. Your sales force will understand how to leverage the customer connection to make the short list for bids, get past the gatekeeper, or encourage a long-term commitment from clients and potential clients. Even your customer service representatives will be able to apply the concepts of Reflection Marketing to reinforce brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.
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602 Communications for Consumer and Business-to-Business Branding and Advertising

The Ladders bags the big egos.
Emotional Driver: Ego
Creative Vehicle: Visual Metaphor

You’re hunting for a job, just like everyone else. But you’re not like everyone else. You have mad skills, extensive experience, better education, and superior intellect. So when you hunt for a job, you set out to take down the big game, the trophy kill, the fiercest, fastest and most magnificent positions. At The Ladders, we know what you’re looking for, and we can guide you through the challenging landscape and bring you to your prize. In effect, that is the message communicated by this spot. The Ladders is looking for people who are important, powerful, and successful, so the emotional appeal of ego is a bull’s-eye to their identity. Moreover, it’s delivered in an engaging manner with a note of adventure and accomplishment through the vehicle of visual metaphor.

Smart moms can Dodge any danger or unhappiness.
Emotional Driver: Ego
Creative Vehicle: Slice-of-Life Demonstration

Mom’s are the world’s unsung heroines. That’s the message the Dodge communicates with its “Teddy Bear” spot. The emotional appeal is ego, but a subtle, unassuming brand of ego. The vehicle is a simple but revealing slice-of-life. The spot helps the world to understand that moms use their intuition and ingenuity in countless ways that go unnoticed—even by their very own family. At first, the non-moms may wonder why a woman would abuse an otherwise new teddy bear using all the many safety features and functional amenities of her minivan. But in the end, it all becomes clear. She’s safeguarding her child’s happiness, with her usual anonymity. The fact that this clever and resourceful mom chooses to drive a Dodge Caravan reflects well on both her and the minivan. And in the course of this mini-story, we see many possible reasons: from sliding doors and hidden storage, to re-configurable seating and safety belts that even a child can operate. For the most part auto manufacturers have acknowledged that a minivan is pretty much a minivan. But if you’re an ingenious mom who loves her family, this is minivan for you.

Samsung helps you crime up the corporate ladder.
Emotional Driver: Ego and Ambition
Creative Vehicle: Humorous Fantasy

This spot also reflects ego, but in a completely tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Naturally, Samsung doesn’t expect you to use their electronic devices to blackmail your way up the corporate ladder. But if you did, you’re smart enough and daring enough to pull it off. You’d do it just as smoothly as our hero in this spot. Like him, you’re clever, ambitious, resourceful, good with technology, you know how the world works, you know how to get where you want to be. You’ll surround yourself with yachts, luxury cars, corner offices, exotic locations, and corporate jets—all the finest things in life. And of course that would include Samsung technology. Yeah, Samsung knows what you’re capable of—with the right equipment.