Consumer & Emotional Marketing

Who We Are and What We Do

At 602 Communications, we are the emotional marketing specialists. We believe that it’s not just the value of the product, it’s the values of the customer. We find your customer’s emotional hot buttons, then show you exactly how to create marketing and business practices that mirror their deepest feelings of personal identity. We specialize in customer loyalty that focuses on the customer’s image of themselves, not just the product.
Why We’re Different

We do emotional marketing research and consulting, not product research. We find out exactly what your customers love, hate and worry about in their own lives, then we create a specific tactical plan to integrate these emotional motivators into all your products and marketing.
Why our Tactics are Better

Each year we collect and analyze the marketing tactics of hundreds of companies that have superior customer loyalty scores, companies like Apple, Harley, Google and Disney. We evaluate all this work for things like purchase loyalty, imagery, messaging, and overall tone. We come out with a best practices roadmap for creating a customer bond that goes beyond product quality, and mirrors how customers wants to feel about themselves. We guide your team using thousands of tested examples of the most successful brand loyalty superstars.

Our Customers

We have worked with B2B and consumer companies such as Sony, GE, Comcast, Disney, Scripps, Hearst, the BBC, Madison Square Garden, and The Weather Channel.
What We’ll Do For You

We will work with your team to create specific strategies for integrating your customer passion into every aspect of your operation. From customer service to marketing to social networking, we show how a passionate brands can be demonstrated in all your key business areas. We conduct on-site and on-line workshops that train your team how to differentiate your brand position using emotional branding techniques. We teach specific skills that tap the powerful passion your customers already feel for your products. We will show you how to turn mere customers into dedicated and loyal fans who keep buying because they have found a deep emotional connection with your company.