Hire Graeme Newell

Want to develop an almost insane loyalty with your customers? Graeme Newell is a customer loyalty expert who has helped build some of the most passionate brands in the world: Dinsey, CBS, GE, Sony, and CNN, just to name a few. He turns idle customers into passionate groupies. Graeme Newell is a world-renowned speaker, consultant and thought leader in emotional marketing.


Emotional Marketing is messaging that builds the customer’s ego. People are so passionate about emotional marketing brands that they wear these logos on their chest, tattoo them on their body, and herald them in their social networking profile. “I’m a Jack Daniels man.” “I hate the the Yankees and believe in Red Sox Nation.” Harley isn’t just a motorcycle. It’s a lifestyle.


Drawing from a library of 50,000 powerful and outrageous TV commercials, Graeme’s most popular presentations are packed full of the very best advertising in the world. He reveals the often hidden strategies that build strong customer loyalty. He lays out specific tactics that build more meaningful customer relationships.


Your team will leave with a long list of actionable tactics they can put to use right away. Graeme Newell shows how to apply these emotional motivators in every aspect of your business, including sales, marketing, product development, and management.


Call Graeme right now at (919) 217-4438 or write him at gnewell@602communications.com