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Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility

There are many examples of corporate social responsibility. Some companies focus on a triple bottom line—taking care of the environment, employees, and economic or financial concerns. Others we have found are almost completely focused on a social enterprise. These are companies that exist to give back. Sometimes, for these companies, making a profit is solely so the company can reinvest resources in its social programs. These and similar companies have uncovered new ways to market themselves in order to stay competitive.

Millennial buyers are constantly looking for examples of corporate social responsibility. They want to know that the companies they do business with are focused on more than just turning them into customers. The old way of marketing is mostly a transaction, where a company provides a good or service and the customer gives up some money. That was the end of the process for many companies in the past. Even advertising focused on the hard sell. Commercials were slick and overproduced, with polished, perfect, smiling faces indicating that they wanted something from you.

A New, Fresh Model

In the 21st century, those days are gone. Younger customers expect to build a relationship with a company. They want to contribute to a greater purpose. The transactional model is not enough for them. In this new reality, the best examples of corporate social responsibility are marketing themselves with viral videos. They are professional without being inauthentic. The videos are clearly designed to invite you in for the long haul, not to sell you something and then part ways.

This new marketing tactic produces honest explanations of a company’s purpose-driven mission. The videos are visually appealing, with a straightforward message and a welcoming vibe. When customers or business partners see them, they want to be a part of that company’s social entrepreneurship mission. They understand why these companies are such strong examples of corporate social responsibility.

Take a Closer Look

Join us in taking a closer look at both the old marketing models and an example of a more modern company getting it right. Remember to check out the resources at the end of the video, including the Red Goldfish book, training library, and more.

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