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Meet Graeme Newell

Graeme Newell is a customer loyalty expert who shows organizations how to build deeper, more passionate relationships with their customers. Graeme turns complacent customers into passionate groupies. He is a world-renowned speaker, consultant and thought leader in emotional marketing.


Emotional Marketing is messaging that builds the customer’s ego. People are so passionate about emotional marketing brands that they wear these logos on ball caps in the middle of their forehead. They name drop the brand names with people they hope to impress. ”I’m a Grey Goose man.” “I only fly first class and I only fly Virgin.” There is a large group of people who refuse to eat at fast food restaurants that serve Pepsi instead of Coke.


Graeme’s company, 602 Communications, has consulted industry leaders including GE, CNN, Sony, Hearst, CBS, Time-Warner, Comcast, Disney, News Corp, CNBC, Scripps, and Universal. — and many small and medium-sized businesses.


Drawing from a library of 50,000 powerful and outrageous TV commercials, Graeme’s most popular presentations are packed full of the very best advertising in the world. He reveals the often hidden strategies that build strong customer loyalty. He lays out specific tactics that build more meaningful customer relationships.


Graeme helps his clients achieve extraordinary customer loyalty through research, consulting, speaking, white papers, conference presentations, and training workshops.