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Emotional Marketing: How to Create Customer Evangelists for your Company

The brands that really catch fire are the ones that turn everyday customers into passionate groupies. These companies don’t just brand their products; instead, their primary goal is building the egos of their customers. Emotional marketing masters like Apple, Harley and Google build deep passionate brands that simply charm their customers into spreading the word to everyone they know. Drawing from a library of more than 50,000 best-in-class commercials, Graeme Newell shows how the world’s most successful companies transform regular customers into brand evangelists, and how you can build these powerful relationships with your own customers.


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Closing the Deal: Using Emotion When Marketing to Executives

Success in business often comes down to the ability to convince one key executive decision maker. In this example-packed session, Graeme Newell reveals the key emotional motivators that drive how successful people make important business decisions. You’ll see new Madison Avenue research that reveals how to win the trust and admiration of these powerbrokers. This presentation is the ultimate guide for those who want to improve their leadership skills, or those who hope to win the trust of key executives outside their own company.


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Building Irresistible Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare providers are intimate confidants to the most powerful moments of our lives – births, deaths, and deliverance from pain. But take a look at healthcare marketing and you will notice it is almost devoid of the most important component in the marketing relationship – the patients and their families. Healthcare providers are so proud of their high-tech gadgets, armies of qualified staff, and latest procedural breakthroughs that they neglect the very people they hope to convince. Using some of the best healthcare marketing examples in the world, Graeme shows you how to remove the bureaucracy and re-define the customer experience to build passionate emotional connections. Graeme’s approach
clearwill stimulate deep thinking on how to make the customer the foundation of your organization.



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Best Practices from the World’s Most Powerful Brands

What do the world’s most powerful brands have in common? They don’t just sell a product – they create a passion, one that drives everything they do. Through a pre-conference meeting, Graeme Newell will identify the key customer motivators for your audience, whether it’s adventure, safety, worry, or another customer emotional driver. Then, using scores of best-in-class examples, Graeme homes in on the specific emotional motivators that drive your industry. Graeme has access to 50,000 examples from his advertising library and will show you how other brands use those exact same customer motivators. You’ll walk away with a list of specific marketing tactics that you can use at your own company right clearaway.