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GRAEME NEWELL, President of 602 Communications

Graeme Newell is the president of 602 Communications. He is a speaker and trainer who shows cable and broadcast teams how to effectively market and tease their shows. He trains broadcast teams how to identify the most sellable components of a show, then teaches specific writing and producing techniques to showcase those strong components. Graeme spent most of his career as a front-line producer and manager in Charleston, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Columbus, OH. After years of working in both newsrooms and promotion departments, he started 602 Communications in 1997. A typical tease and promo schedule is worth millions of dollars a year, yet most producers have never had formal training in effective teasing and promotion strategies. Graeme teaches these teams to make maximum use of this incredibly valuable resource. Since the beginning, his workshops have been long on specific examples and short of lip flap. His presentations feature hundreds of strong video clips so participants get a firsthand look of exemplary writing and producing techniques. He focuses on practical solutions that participants can put to use right away. Graeme has done workshops for most of the major cable and broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC, HGTV, ESPN, Food Network, Hearst Argyle, Tribune, CBS News, and many other communication companies. Graeme works with broadcast networks and local stations throughout the world.

Common Misspellings: Graham Newell & Grame Newell

Contact Graeme Newell gnewell@602communications.com 1011 Lyndhurst Falls Lane Knightdale, NC 27545 (919) 217-4438

DOUG DREW, Executive Editor, News Division

Doug Drew is the Morning/Breakfast Television specialist at 602 Communications. Doug’s background is in journalism, and he is recognized as an expert in understanding how viewers watch morning television. His knowledge and experience as an Executive Producer have helped many stations and networks significantly increase their morning ratings. Many 602 Communications clients have climbed to number one in the morning time period or experienced significant ratings growth with Doug’s guidance and workshops.

His insights into viewer attitudes make him a much requested speaker for RTDNA and Promax conferences. He graduated from the Ohio University School of Telecommunications with a Radio-Television degree, and went on to a successful career in television news. Doug has been an on-air reporter and anchor, as well as a producer, assignment editor, Executive Producer, Assistant News Director and News Director at numerous network affiliated stations.

Doug has extensive experience internationally, helping re-launch and re-brand a television network in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, he was part of the team that launched the Middle East Television Network, a Washington DC based Arabic language satellite news channel. He has also done workshops for CNN in London, for Network Ten in Australia, Citytv and CTV stations in Canada, and for Mexicanal, a Spanish language network which has numerous stations in Mexico. Doug lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Contact Doug Drew ddrew@602communications.com Office: 980-819-7699 2820 Selwyn Ave, #695 Charlotte, NC 28209 USA

MARY COX, News & Marketing Trainer

Mary is a speaker and trainer who teaches television news teams how to focus their producing, storytelling, and tease writing skills to get viewers to watch. Her workshops teach producers, reporters, and anchors how to identify stories that viewers want to watch, then tell those stories clearly and concisely across all platforms. Mary joined 602 Communications after 20-plus years as a news manager, producer and reporter in some of the nation’s top newsrooms. As a news director, Mary created a successful start-from-scratch newsroom at KNXV, the ABC affiliate in Phoenix. She oversaw day-to-day news operations at WSB in Atlanta as assistant news director and at KTSP (now KSAZ) in Phoenix as executive producer. She also produced newscasts at WCCO in Minneapolis. Mary worked as director of client services for Convergent Communications Consultants, where she tracked trends in television newsrooms, and recruited top news managers, producers and on-air talent. Mary earned a master’s degree in journalism and mass communications from Iowa State University, and a BA from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. She currently teaches digital journalism classes in the School of Communications at Webster University in St. Louis.

Contact Mary Cox marycox@602communications.com Office: 602-369-7654 12848 Stump Road Des Peres, MO 63131

GREG DERKOWSKI, Marketing Trainer

Greg Derkowski is a 20-plus year marketing and brand strategist who has worked for several leading media companies — including Clear Channel Worldwide, News Corp., Times Mirror, and Chris-Craft/United Television — and has consulted other businesses in brand development and implementation.

He has held several brand and marketing leadership positions throughout his career. He’s been a driving force behind highly successful brands in local television, cable, sports medicine, and specialty medical services.

Greg’s specialty is helping companies unlock and empower their brand potential by moving it beyond just what the product does — to what it means to consumers. Branding is all about perception. And Derkowski’s branding edge is rooted in his belief that companies do not own their brands — their customers and constituencies do. “Companies own products, services, trademarks and other intellectual property. But your brand and the brand experience are owned wholly by the consumer. It’s understanding and embracing your brand through the eyes of the customer. It’s not what we tell them it is; it’s what they think it is and what they believe a brand stands for. Successful brands are ones that embrace this reality — the consumers’ reality and values — in everything they do”, Derkowski says.

Since a brand lives in the minds of its constituents, what do people who have worked with Derkowski think about his personal brand?

“…a forward-thinking innovator, marketing strategist, team player, and strong team leader.”– Brooks Hogg, President at Medford Ventures

“Greg’s creativity and energy work beautifully with his natural penchant for developing, managing, and implementing strategy.” — Andy Shaw, SVP at Fleishman-Hillard

“Greg is a smart, intuitive big thinker. As a marketer, he has a special talent for seeing the world from the perspective of the consumer.” — Ginger Zumaeta, President at ZUMGI, LLC

“He casts away bias and approaches brand and marketing situations from the perspective of what’s in the best interest of the target he is trying to hit.” — Kurt Bartolich, Founder at Guts Branding

“He gets brand and brand consistency. And he’s an expert planner and a fantastic organizer.” — Scot Chastain, SVP at NBC/Universal Affiliate Advertising and Promotion

Greg’s foundation is in branding and creative — crafting messages that motivate customers to take action and resonate with them on an emotional level. He is a four-time Emmy® recipient as an executive producer, director, photographer, and musical composer and arranger.

Derkowski, a Houston native, is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Contact Greg Derkowski gderkowski@602communications.com or by phone at (210) 587-7000. You can also follow Greg at LinkedIn and Google+.

SUZANNE BLACK, News & Marketing Trainer

Suzanne Black specializes in producing outstanding and innovative newscasts, creating market leaders. She is an Emmy-award winning journalist with hands-on experience in the newsroom. As the news director of Austin’s CBS affiliate, Suzanne lead the station to its first ever 10pm ratings book victory. Prior to that, she was news director in San Diego. Suzanne has experience with multiple network affiliates, as well as cable, and has launched newscasts and lifestyle programs in all time periods.

Suzanne believes the success of a newscast is only as strong as its energy and storytelling — from the show open to its close. Producers are shown how to develop and create interesting rundowns, designed to lead viewers from one element to the next. Anchors are reporters will learn how to communicate strong stories with a beginning, middle and end, as well as how to execute on active liveshots.

Suzanne is a proud Razorback, graduating from The University of Arkansas. She is married and has two sons. She says the best part of this job is it combines her love of travel, meeting new people and time spent with family.

Contact Suzanne Black at sblack@602communications.com or at 512-964-2765.

SANDY LIZIK, Marketing Ideanet Editor

Sandy Lizik writes and manages the Marketing Ideanet newsletter and 602 job listing publications. She also facilitates all of 602 on-lining training workshops. She began her career interning for the City of Phoenix and wrote, shot and edited a youth show for the city cable channel. She broke into TV at the local independent channel KPHO with a temporary gig in the promotion department. When that expired, she moved into the only opening of the station which was the film room, the catch-all of the station. The next 8 years were spent editing 1/4″ films on the Moviola and 1″ movies on the VTR and just about any other task that came her way. The department was also recruited for running studio camera for the newscasts and manning the boom mic for the wildly popular local children show, Wallace & Ladmo. When KPHO became a CBS affiliate, she moved into the news department as an editor. Although she is a self-professed news-junkie, an opening in the quickly expanding Promotion Department beckoned her and she became the Promotion Coordinator.Sandra is one of the news-gatherers and scours her Replay TV daily for new trends and ideas within the industry. She also edits the Marketing Ideanet and stays on top of all the related news that affects this dynamic industry.Sandra is a graduate of The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and lives in Phoenix.

Contact Sandy Lizik slizik@602communications.com 4349 E. Colter Street Phoenix, AZ 85018 (602) 954-8373

CHARLES JOHNSTON, Lighting & Photography Trainer

Charles conducts on-site lighting and photography seminars. The sensitivity of today digital cameras brings exciting new options to shooters these days. Charles seminars show time-crunched photographers how to get the most out their gear.Most Promotion Directors in broadcast TV start out as producers or working in news, but Charles started out producing commercials. Actually, before that, he started out as a photographer (still photography) after graduating from the Photography program at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Not the standard track in TV. From there he worked with MetroVision in Chicago producing commercials. Lots of them. From there, he left the cold to work in Phoenix, Arizona as a Photographer/Editor (video), in the Promo Dept. at KTSP, the CBS affiliate (now KSAZ, a Fox station. Go figure). Being a writer too, he caught the attention of the competition and became a Writer/Producer at KPNX across town (where he first worked with Graeme Newell!). Later, he returned to KTSP as Senior Producer and produced the station call-letter change campaign to KSAZ (The Spirit of Arizona). Last time he was in town, they were still using the footage from the film campaign he produced back in That campaign won him a Silver Promax award. After Phoenix, Charles moved to in Washington DC as Manager, Marketing & Promotion at WRC, the NBC O&O there. There he produced (and shot much of the film for) the well-known Working 4 You campaign. After DC, NBC moved him to NBC13 (WVTM), as Promotion Director to the station they’d bought in Birmingham, AL. There he developed, shot and produced their We’ve Got You Covered image campaign, which is still their tagline today.Next, Charles became Director of Creative Services for WTKR [CBS] in Norfolk, VA. One of his favorite projects there was producing the Welcome Home, Rudy celebration on the Navy Base in Norfolk, to welcome home the star of the first Survivor series (and well-known Navy Seal), Rudy Boesh. Charles arrange to have Rudy make a grand entrance by flying over a crowd of about 15,000 in the Virginia Beach police helicopter. That was quite day.Today, Charles owns Burning Hand (Ltd.), his production company in Atlanta, GA, but his favorite gig is teaching news photographers in his hands-on seminar on Location Lighting that he calls CameraPalooza.Charles was born in Hendersonville, NC and was high school pals with Graeme Newell. Who would have thought that they both wind up working in TV 27 years ago in Flat Rock, NC Charles now lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia where he fantasizes that film star Kate Beckinsale wants to have children with him. That, and the thing about Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes. No one ever said he doesn’t have a healthy imagination.

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