Emotional Marketing begins with Research.
Emotional marketing strategy starts with an in-depth understanding of your customers’ emotional or motivational drivers—basically why they do what they do. In many cases your customers do not even understand or recognize their own motivations, so traditional surveys and data analysis will not work. Instead, carefully designed motivational research and analysis is required. To help you identify your customers’ motivations we offer three options: analysis of your existing research, a customized research project, or a relevant study of our own commercial archive applicable to your customer profile.

Existing Research Analysis.
Based on your company’s existing consumer or demographic research, 602 Communications will discover the emotional drivers that are predominant among your customers. Depending on the nature of your research, we can carefully mine through your data to identify common attitudes, opinions, beliefs, and reactions among your current or potential customers. If you have accurate demographics on your customers (characteristics such as age, gender, race, clearincome, education, location, and employment) and have some indication of their behavioral variables (such as product usage, brand loyalty, organizational affiliations, recreational interests, entertainment preferences, fashion choices, etc.), we can extrapolate a fairly accurate profile of their psychographics (attributes relating to their personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyle) based on existing models. These psychographics are in effect the basis for selecting an emotional driver.

Customized Research Project.
If your company does not have applicable data, we can help design customized research to obtain the relevant information and insight. The research can be as simple as watching customers at the point of purchase to identify common characteristics and make educated guesses about buying motivations. But for more comprehensive insight we can utilize focus groups. A skilled moderator can facilitate the spontaneous interaction and group dynamics that produce clearcommunications and behaviors that reveal underlying motives. Similarly, we can utilize in-depth, one-on-one interviews where skilled researchers encourage respondents to express their true thoughts and feelings without fear of embarrassment or rejection. In some cases researchers will use psychological techniques such as story telling, role play, or word association to reveal inner thoughts and feelings. Many valuable insights can be derived from subtle behavior such as pauses, slips of the tongue, body language, question avoidance, or fixation on an issue.

Finally, for more quantitative and generalized data, we can employ large area surveys by phone, email, or location intercepts. By finding a preponderance of common attitudes, opinions, beliefs, and reactions among your target audience, we can identify the most resonant core drivers. Conversely, we can determine which core emotional drivers are most affected or influenced by your product or programming.

Database Study.
Another effective method for identifying applicable emotional drivers is through a comprehensive study of our commercial archive and database. 602 Communications can carefully examine and dissect thousands of best-in-class commercials to determine what drivers have been used across all categories of products, services and programming to build a strong brand relationship in your industry, with your demographic or psychographic, or with products similar to yours.

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