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A Company You’ll Love

We at 602 Communications love to learn about a good social enterprise. Since you are here, chances are you do, too. Hot Bread Kitchen is a social enterprise we can’t stop talking about. That is because their business model is so unique and innovative. Instead of being a company with the added value of a social enterprise, Hot Bread is a social enterprise and charity that happens to turn a profit. Founder Jessamyn Rodriguez designed it that way. She recognized the need for a revenue stream in order to fund her social enterprise work. That work involves baking bread and teaching other women to be bakers. Baking bread is Rodriguez’s life purpose. She decided to share that love with others and make a difference in society.

Training and Partnerships for Work and Life

Hot Bread is a stellar social enterprise that enables women to go into baking jobs with confidence. Rodriguez offers a nine month paid training program. According to Rodriguez, women are usually the ones baking and making bread around the world. Somehow, though, most of the new baking jobs are going to men. Rodriguez decided to do something about this. She empowers women to become leaders in the industry. They are able to design their own breads that taste great and that people want. The women can also start their own businesses after completing the program. Hot Bread is not just an empowerment or jobs program. It is an incubator for small businesses that can go on to form their own social enterprise models. These startups, in turn, become business partners that help Hot Bread continue its mission.

Hot Bread’s model and guiding principles mean that it is not a bakery with a charity arm. It is a charity that has built a successful business around itself. This is a radical departure from most for profit business models. Maybe your company can learn something from Hot Bread. As long as you are creative and purpose driven, there is a way you can make a difference. A social enterprise does not have to be huge or complex in order to be successful.

Ways to Learn More

In the video above, you can learn more about Hot Bread and its efforts to empower women. Be sure to check out the resources at the end of the video. They include information on the Red Goldfish book and how to get in touch with Graeme.

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