Bob HarperResearch Director to 602 Research

Bob Harper
Bob heads the research department at 602 Communications. He supervises the design and implementation of 602’s many studies. Bob works with station teams and 602 staffers to find the best ways to implement team findings on the frontline of news creation. For more than 30 years, Bob has been studying how the public consumes media and the underlying motivations behind their preferences. He has worked with almost every kind of media: TV, radio, newspaper, cable, and digital.

Bob especially enjoys facilitating focus groups and one-on-one interviews. Bob’s greatest talent is his ability to get people to open up and reveal their personal preferences. He takes great joy in doing the little things that make participants feel more at ease and more likely to share. He designs research environments that feel more intimate and less intrusive.

Bob has conducted more than 1500 media research studies and has been instrumental in shaping programming decisions for more than 750 radio and TV station. His guidance has helped propel many of these station to the #1 position within their markets.

Bob accelerated the growth of ESPN Radio from 20 to over 300 affiliates by designing studies that revealed the true motivations behind people’s desires to be part of the sports community.

Over the course of his career, Bob has developed, written, and produced hundreds of television commercials and concepts ads for local and national radio stations.

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