consumer-marketng-shadow-boxConsumer & Emotional Marketing

This one or two-day workshop is designed for everyone involved in your marketing, advertising, and consumer outreach. Drawing from thousands of best-in-class TV commercials, the workshop demonstrates 602 Communications’ emotional marketing strategies and techniques to build stronger, emotionally powered relationships with your customers. Through 602 clearCommunications’ emotional marketing process, your customers will know what your company stands for, feel a relationship with your brand, and make your products and services part of their identity and lifestyle. They will know what to expect from your features, actively seek out what you have to offer, and make a more long-term commitment to your unique brand.  Click Consumer & Emotional Marketing for more information.


B2B Emotional Marketing

Conducted onsite at your facility, this fast-paced, entertaining, and hands-on workshop is broken into two parts. The first part will help your company determine who you are, who you are perceived to be, what image you are trying to project, and how appropriate that image is to your goals. The second part will show you specifically how to create advertising and messaging that resonates with your customers or target audience. Click clearB2B Emotional Marketing for more information.


broadcasting-shadow-boxBroadcast Training Workshops

602 Communications offers a variety of training workshops for broadcasters and cable networks designed to maximize market share, brand equity, and employee productivity.  Our workshops are hands-on, highly interactive, and video intensive so your staff can see exactly how successful organizations create compelling content on a day-to-day basis and learn to do it themselves.

  • Tease & Promo Writing Workshop
  • Branding Focus Workshop
  • Relationship Marketing Workshop
  • Building Audience Flow: Keep Viewers Glued to Newscasts
  • Process Storytelling
  • Morning News Workshop
  • Daytime Television Workshop
  • Immediacy and Urgency Workshop
  • Writing to Video Workshop
  • Reporter Storytelling Workshop
  • Producer Workshop
  • Advancing Stories Workshop
  • Stand-ups and Live Shots Workshop
  • Helicopter Workshop
  • Sports On-Camera Workshop
  • How to Think Web
  • Social Networking Best Practices: Building Genuine Customer Relationships
  • LightingPalooza Workshop
  • CameraPalooza
  • Tease Writing
For more information click Broadcast Consulting & Training.