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Better Decisions
Through Brain Science

Graeme Newell
Behavioral Finance Speaker

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Fascinating stories, games, and fun interactions that teach how to avoid costly mistakes.

More About
Decision Science

Learn to recognize the situations when we’re mostly likely to made a bad choice, and how to get back on track.


Fun brain games that teach daily tactics for making smarter decisions using the latest brain science insights.

How to make
Better Decisions

Training videos that teach how to Optimize your Decision Making

Making smarter choices isn’t just about having the right information, it’s about understanding how our subconscious brain tempts us to misstep. Watch these videos and learn how to recognize the times when we’re most vulnerable to impulsive decision-making.

Explore the latest Decision Science Insights

Learn the most common ways that our very flawed brains tend to misstep. These short articles explain how all of us can use the latest brain science insights to make smarter choices.

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Graeme has done hundreds of trainings in 23 countries around the world. Your team will learn the specific decision-making tactics that lead to more winning outcomes.