Graeme Newell

May 2022


Most people don’t realize it, but a big chunk of our brain is dedicated to simply tracking where our body is in space. PROPRIOCEPTION is the reason we can close our eyes and touch our nose, balance on one leg, and throw a baseball without looking at our arm.

Projection Bias

If you look at the thousands of comments this amazing social video generated, you’ll notice something peculiar. After watching this thrilling clip, you would think viewers would share their OWN FEELINGS about how this video inspired them.

Self Sabotage & Your Subconscious Brain

Who built these mutations? Box checkers, passive-aggressive people who don’t really care if things are done right. All they want is to stop working. And we can count on our subconscious brain to act with similar malevolence whenever we attempt to brute force an overly ambitious behavior change.

The Texas Sharpshooter Effect

They never miss. A perfect toss every time. We could all be easily fooled into believing that the “Dude Perfect” guys have extraordinary coordination and timing, but what we’re not seeing are the thousands of failed attempts.