Graeme Newell

Meet Graeme

Graeme Newell is a researcher, speaker and author who specializes in behavioral finance.

He takes perverse pleasure in putting people inside of brain scanners, then asking them to make important money decisions. Graeme uncovers the vulnerable situations when financial professionals and everyday people are most likely to make crazy-bad, impulsive decisions.

His rowdy presentations are filled with fascinating tech, games, prizes and fun interactions that teach people to use behavioral finance insights on the job everyday. This helps them make smarter decisions, drive new business and increase assets under management.

Certified Speaking Professional

Graeme has receive the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speaker’s Association. This speaking excellence honor is held by fewer than 10% of professional speakers.

Graeme lives in Portland Oregon with his wife Annette. In his free time, he is a pathetically slow biker. He also has an annoying non-fiction reading habit and relentlessly torments his friends and family by sharing an endless torrent of minutia.

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