Graeme Newell

Author name: Gel Baring

The Regret Lottery

It was an offer I never thought I’d pass up. My local supermarket let me know they’d already given me a $25 credit. I could see the money sitting right there in my account. All I had to do was try online grocery delivery within the next week. But when I missed the deadline, they took the money BACK!

Justified Cruelty

Nazism, war, cyberbullying. Why do normally decent people enthusiastically line up to be the next to inflict brutal punishments on innocent victims? Dehumanizing out-groups is a powerful survival tool that was carefully crafted during our distant evolutionary past.

Implicit Conditioning

Want to change a stubborn habit? Then you’ve got to treat your misbehaving brain like it’s a puppy. Most of us formulate a behavioral change strategy by mustering all the power of our RATIONAL brain.

Implicit Design

Top-of-their-game corporate designers understand that they must answer this one question:
“How do I want people to feel about THEMSELVES when they experience my design.”

Halo Effect

The HALO EFFECT is our brain’s little shortcut for efficiently remembering the zillions of people who parade through our lives. Unfortunately, all our brains are inherently lazy.
So when our overtaxed cranium evaluates new people, it isn’t really looking for a nuanced profile of that person. Our brain prefers a mere top-line analysis so that it can get back to binge watching cat videos.