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The Research

Ten years after the advent of online universities, many community colleges still did not offer their courses via the internet, and very few offered a complete associates degree online. Research uncovered a demand for online education among students currently attending campus-based community colleges—especially those who work full or part-time or who would like to be working.


The Objective

Tap into the demand for online degree programs among students currently attending community college campus programs.


The Strategy

The strategy for this campaign focused on informing recent high school graduates and current community college students that they had an online option. The primary messages were: Yes, you can earn your college degree and there is a better alternative to the campus-based community college or university you are currently enrolled at. Though the cost of Axia is somewhat higher than a community college, it allows students the freedom to continue working full or part-time. Because many of these students could be reached through the local (low-resolution) college newspapers, most of the ads were black-and-white and all-type. The tone of the ads and fast-paced radio spots was purposely bold and somewhat playful.


The Results

The campaign was launched right after Axia College was founded in March of 2004. By September of 2006, they were the largest, and fastest-growing two-year college in the U.S. with more than 50,000 students. When the campaign began, lead volume overwhelmed the capacity of their enrollment advisors, and remained healthy for two years.

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