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Best Marketing Campaigns: Should You Use the Carrot or the Stick?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_video link=”” size=”825″][vc_column_text]Some top marketing campaigns build up customer egos, positioning the brand as an exclusive club.  Other successful marketing campaigns tear down egos, convincing the customer they aren’t enough, and only the product can redeem them.

In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell shows how some of the world’s top marketing campaigns toy with customer egos, taking customers from jubilation to despair, and then back again.

When it comes to making successful marketing campaigns, it’s important to always be looking for what is a marketing campaign in its essence. The top marketing campaigns are constantly keeping their audience on their toes by using what is called bipolar marketing. Today I’m going to tell you how to work bipolar marketing into your marketing campaign.

What is a Marketing Campaign?

Before we even get into how to write ad copy for a successful marketing campaign, it’s important that we first identify the most important point: what is a marketing campaign? When considering what is a marketing campaign, you have to consider what its purpose is and how it is accomplished. The top marketing campaigns start by figuring out exactly what it is their customers want to feel about themselves, and then make promo video based around those feelings and emotions. What is a marketing campaign supposed to do with this knowledge? With bipolar marketing, you can either make sales copy writing that supports that desire, or denies it.

Crafting Successful Marketing Campaigns

Successful marketing campaigns are all based on what the customer feels and thinks about themselves. Remember that successful marketing campaigns are very rarely based on a product feature or the product itself, but rather successful marketing campaigns are based off of the feelings that you want your customers to feel about themselves. Examples of advertising copy from the most successful marketing campaigns will always show that the focus is placed on the customer, not on the product or any features of the product. In the case of bipolar marketing, you first identify exactly what it is your customers want to feel about themselves, and then you are faced with a decision to either reinforce that need, or to deny it.

How Top Marketing Campaigns Use Bipolar Marketing

Looking at the top marketing campaigns that use bipolar marketing, we see that there are two very different approaches one can take to it. The top marketing campaigns that use positive bipolar marketing do so without hardly ever showing the product. The product is simply a reflection of what the customer wants to be. They position the product as an exclusive club, and the top marketing campaigns make that club something that the customer really wants to be in. On the flip side of this bipolar marketing equation, the top marketing campaigns that use negative marketing actually include their product into the mix. The top marketing campaigns say “you can’t make it on your own, you need our product to make it happen.” In this way the top marketing campaigns can use both techniques to really make a powerful product offering.

So to recap:

  • We started by asking what is a marketing campaign. A marketing campaign is a series of commercials and ads that are focused on a central idea that the customer feels about himself or herself. In order to really understand what is a marketing campaign, you have to really understand the customers that buy your product first
  • Successful marketing campaigns are built on what the customer feels about himself or herself and how they want to be.  Successful marketing campaigns always stay strongly focused on the customer, and not so much on the product or product features
  • Top marketing campaigns can either use positive or negative bipolar marketing when making their advertisements. Top marketing campaigns using negative bipolar marketing will tell the customer that they are not strong or good enough to succeed on their own and need the product to succeed. Top marketing campaigns using positive marketing will paint their product as an exclusive club that their customers get to be a part of.

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