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Best Promo Videos: How to Write Advertising Copy that Grabs Attention

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_video link=”″ size=”825″][vc_column_text]Want to create great television promos?  Start your creative process by skewering the promo cliché.  Emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell shows how the best advertising copywriters create breakthrough promo advertising by mercilessly spoofing the tired creative approach.  Learn how to write great advertising copy by turning the creative brief on its head.


Advertising copywriting can be tough. As ad copy writers, we’re constantly churning out television promos and the like for a vast variety of products with often little to go off of. As a result, sometimes the promo advertising we make can get a little, well, stale. Today, I’m gonna tell you how to write advertising copy like a master by taking hints from the best promo videos around.

Cliché Advertising Copywriting for Television Promos

In the commercial writing world, time is unfortunately a luxury that very few creative copy writers can afford. As a result, a lot of promo advertising falls back to some of the most tired clichés out there. Think about a promo video for a crime drama. These television promos all look more or less the same. Some action scenes, some intense close-ups, and a suspenseful twist at the end – voila, you have promo video. This sort of advertising copywriting is what marketing copywriters fall back on when they have to bang out a TV promo at all costs. But this is not how to write advertising copy that compels, it’s the lowest common denominator for advertising copywriting.

How to Write Advertising Copy for the Best Promo Videos Around

So what do the best promo videos do to stay away from the old, tired clichés of advertising copywriting? They turn their television promos on their head and take a totally new approach. The best promo videos start not from what their new show has in it, but rather what the viewer wants. They do away with all of the assumptions that come with television promos and start fresh. For example, when considering how to write advertising copy for an action thriller, normally ad copy writers will gravitate to an action-packed, explosive television promo. But the best marketing copywriters will flip it on its head to make some great television advertising. They might instead make a calming, soothing action television promo, or maybe something humorous. The key to promo advertising is to realize that your audiences are easily bored, and the first rule of how to write advertising copy is to keep the viewer engaged and interested.

Promo Advertising Done Right

So break away from the same television promos you have seen a million times. After looking at countless advertising copy examples, we have determined that this type of cliché promo advertising is one of the biggest killers of advertising copywriting there is. Don’t be afraid to break away from the status quo, because the best promo videos are the ones that do something interesting and different. Start your creative process by thinking about what the most awful, old, cliché approach one could possibly take, and flip it on its head.

So to recap:

  • Advertising copywriting is done with little time and tight deadlines. As a result, much of the television promos that are made are simply old, recycled clichés that don’t really engage the audience
  • The best promo videos overcome this by flipping these clichés on their head
  • Start the creative process by thinking about the most cliché approach possible, and then doing the exact opposite.

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