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Corporate Responsibility Examples From Better World Books

A Multitude of Corporate Responsibility Examples

We have uncovered many corporate responsibility examples in our research for Red Goldfish. These companies provide clean drinking water, help for abuse victims, medical care, food and housing, and almost any other social benefit we could think of. One of the biggest problems facing the world today is in the area of literacy. Being able to read and write at a basic level is a requirement for success in almost any job or career field. Better World practices corporate responsibility by providing free books to people wishing to increase their reading ability and gain knowledge that can help them improve their lives. For every book the company sells, it donates another to someone in need, somewhere in the world. Better World also uses its revenues to fund literacy initiatives that teach reading skills. Better World currently offers 8 million new and used books in its website.

Simple Beginning

Better World Books began in 2002. Three friends, fellow students at the University of Notre Dame, decided to sell textbooks online for extra money. The idea grew into a goal of promoting literacy through a social enterprise. The company is not a traditional company that decided to do something good for the world. Rather, the company’s primary purpose and mission is in social responsibility and sustainability. Their corporate responsibility examples include:

  • The Book for Book program, giving a book to someone in need for every book the company sells;
  • Free worldwide shipping on books;
  • Carbon balanced packaging, with Green-e certified offsets, to help reduce Better World’s carbon footprint;
  • Collecting used books from college campuses and libraries through its book drives, converting these used titles into over $24 million in literacy and education funding;
  • Preventing over 250 million books from entering landfills since the company’s founding.

The Power of Literacy

Better World Books believes that all books have lasting value and can help change lives. They are committed to improving literacy and quality of life for people of all nations. Their Book for Book program makes millions of free books available to those who need them. These qualities and driving principles are what makes Better World Books one of the best corporate responsibility examples we have found.

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An explanation of how BetterWorldBooks helps people’s literacy and ways that they support different organizations around the world.

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BetterWorldBooks employees shares the reason why it is helpful if we choose to buy books from BetterWorldBooks.

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CEO, David Murphy, explains BetterWorld Books as a social enterprise and talks about their mission to the community.

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