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Corporate Social Responsibility Consultants Love Burt’s Bees

Companies that Get it Right

As corporate social responsibility consultants, our clients rely on us to teach them about exemplary companies that practice corporate social responsibility. The good news is that there are plenty of companies, new and established, that we can point to. It is easy to educate our clients with so many corporate social responsibility companies popping up. Burt’s Bees is an established company that started out as a simple backyard business. Founder Burt Shavitz began raising bees at his home. Over time, he decided to turn his extra beeswax into candles. This grew, and soon Shavitz was making lip balm from his beeswax. Shavitz was a white-haired gentleman with a thick, bushy beard. His iconic image still appears on Burt’s Bees products.

Practicing Sustainability

Today, Burt’s Bees provides several lines of skin care and beauty products, all created using sustainable practices. For we corporate social responsibility consultants, this is the best part of a company like Burt’s. Sustainability is a vital part of corporate social responsibility. Burt’s Bees carries makeup, lip care, skin care, and hair and body care products. There are also products for babies including washes, moisturizers, and even 100% organic cotton clothing. The Burt’s Bees website lists all the ingredients that go into their products. These ingredients include a lot more than honey nowadays. Acai berries, almonds, aloe, buttermilk and cocoa butter all help make up Burt’s creations. The website provides information about the composition and benefits of each ingredient. The company also explains the history of each ingredient and where it came from in the world. Customers are able to make informed decision about the products they use.

Natural Launchpad

Another part of corporate social responsibility is that companies have to give back. Burt’s Bees does this through its Natural Launchpad grant program. The program provides funding and mentorship for startup companies that focus on improving our planet and everyone’s quality of life. Burt’s Bees selects ten grant recipients each year to receive the award and recognition. Hundreds of companies apply and the process is quite competitive. This means that the best startups with the most potential are consistently selected. As corporate social media consultants, this is something that warms our hearts.

Burt’s Bees is a leader in the corporate social responsibility movement. From its earliest days, the company has made sustainability part of its daily operations. We are happy to present Burt’s Bees as an exemplary social entrepreneurship company.

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