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Campbells Answers: What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Many of the participants in our workshops ask: what is corporate social responsibility? It is the idea that successful companies must give back by having a positive effect on society. This often means giving back to those in need. Corporate social responsibility also means a company pays attention to how it is affecting its customers or users and the larger world. Campbell’s Soup, founded in 1869, answers the question “what is corporate social responsibility” in an exemplary way. Their mission states that “together we will build the world’s most extraordinary food company by nourishing people’s lives everywhere, every day.”

The Nourish Program

Campbell’s gives back to local communities through its Nourish program. The program is a partnership between Campbell Canada and the UN World Food Program. Each Nourish product is a complete meal in a can, with recommended daily servings of vegetables, protein, and vitamins. Every time a customer purchases a Nourish product, Campbell donates one can to Food Banks Canada. Campbell also donates $0.25 to the World Food Program. This number is important because it covers the cost of a school meal for a child relying on school lunch programs. Children cannot focus on their schoolwork when they are hungry or missing meals. By helping school lunch programs, Campbell’s is making it possible for children to learn and succeed in school.

100 percent of Campbell’s net profits from the Nourish line go to fund hunger relief programs throughout the world.

Campbell’s also helps with disaster relief. When disaster strikes a community or region, the water supply often becomes unusable. Campbell’s products do not require adding water. This makes all Campbell’s soups useful in case of emergency. This is another great way the company seeks to nourish people’e lives everywhere, every day.

Leading the Charge

What is corporate social responsibility? Campbell’s Soups are leading the charge in answering this question. Their policies and programs actively support ending hunger, an important social cause. 100% of the net profits from their Nourish line support world food programs. Their partnerships with the UN and other institutions help ensure children and families can have the nutrition they need to live their best lives.

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