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Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting Firms Love Carmax

Always on the Lookout

As one of the leading corporate social responsibility consulting firms, 602 Communications is always on the lookout for companies that stand apart from others in their industries. We have explored and educated our clients on restaurants, retail stores, engineering firms and may more from across fields. Some of our examples are nonprofits, and others are for profit corporations. Either structure can practice sustainability and add value for customers or clients. Sustainability is the key. It is the number one quality that corporate social responsibility consulting firms are interested in exploring. We teach our clients what it means to be a social enterprise, and we help large and small companies become more mission-oriented so they can adapt to our changing culture.

Industry in Need of Change

One area that desperately needed a more sustainable model was the auto buying industry. In the past, salespeople used high pressure techniques to pair people with the most expensive car they could afford. These sales consultants worked on commission, so a bigger payday was what motivated them. This model was obviously not sustainable. Once customers in the community see that a dealership is only interested in its own economic bottom line, they will take their business somewhere else. In many areas, “somewhere else” turns out to be Carmax. Founded in 1993 with one store, Carmax practices a more ethical model of selling new and used cars.

Sales consultants at Carmax do not pressure their customers. Rather, they have a goal of putting each customer into the car that is perfect for them. This means listening to each customer, spending time with them, and educating the customers about their choices. If a customer wants a cart in a certain color or with certain features that are not available at one location, the consultant can order and pull from another location. Customers can test drive, with no pressure to buy, at the location they started out at in their community. The entire process is customer focused, with the end aim of matching the customer to the exact make and model of car she wants.

Giving Back With the Red Cross

Carmax also practices corporate social responsibility through its partnership with the Red Cross. Carmax provides disaster relief assistance throughout the country. People facing a natural disaster need basic supplies-clothing, food, medical assistance and more. People often lose their homes in these situations. Carmax employees pitch in by making and sending disaster relief kits.

Corporate social responsibility consulting firms need models of companies practicing sustainability. This is how we educate ourselves and, in turn, educate our business clients to help them practice corporate social responsibility on their own. We at 602 Communications are happy to share Carmax as one of these exemplary business models.

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Employees share their customer approach. At CarMax, they want the customer to have the best possible car buying experience.

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CarMax pledges support as an American Red Cross and Disaster Responder.

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See how CarMax treat their customers, gain their trust, and how they strive to meet the quality of the customer’s needs and wants.

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