Graeme Newell

Emotional Marketing Research

university of phoenix

The Research Research uncovered several actionable insights, including the unique emotional drivers for 18 different majors that were often more compelling than a high salary. For examples: accounting majors had a passion for numbers, IT majors were attracted to specialized and state-of-the-art expertise, and nursing majors found satisfaction in helping others and making a difference …

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bourgade catholic college preparatory

The Research Focus groups among Bourgade’s current students and parents revealed that the decision of which school to attend was primarily driven by the parents but could be vetoed by the student. Also, a surprisingly high percentage (about 30%) of enrolled students had asked their parents if they could attend the College Prep High School. …

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Chevy Case Study

Highlights: Encapsulate the customer’s feelings about your brand Don't brand your product, brand how your customer feels about your product. Is your slogan just a catchy phrase, or does it have real heart and meaning that encapsulates the customer’s feelings about your brand? Chevrolet struggled with their tagline…The problem was that the marketing contradicted the …

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