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What is the Anchoring Effect?

How does our brain determine a fair price? In this short video you’ll learn how our misguided brain can be easily fooled when we’re comparing prices. See how the “anchoring effect” lures us into paying too much.

Investing Decisions – How to Figure Out the Exact Amount of Money You’ll Need to Retire Comfortably

It’s one of the scariest numbers in our financial lives – the precise amount of money we will need to retire comfortably. Most of us have no idea what this number is, or how to calculate it.

So we save as much as we can and just HOPE it will be enough. But no matter how much we tuck away, there’s always this nagging worry that we’ll come up short in our later years. We wonder if old age won’t just be about health challenges, but could also be about facing poverty.

The good news is that figuring out this number really isn’t that hard. In this video I lay out the specific steps you should follow to “find your number.”