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Charles Schwab Provides a Corporate Social Responsibility Definition Charles - Schwab

Many Definitions, Many Models

Is there one corporate social responsibility definition? There are as many ways for social entrepreneurship to work as there are social entrepreneurs. Each company can even create its own corporate social responsibility definition. Some may choose to provide direct assistance to communities in need. Others may empower their employees to volunteer or contribute financially to charitable groups. Still other companies may focus on the supply chain, ensuring fair conditions for everyone involved in manufacturing and distribution. Today’s companies are creative in how they approach corporate social responsibility. This makes a single corporate social responsibility definition hard to find.

The key factor in identifying a socially responsible company is in how it practices sustainability. Companies are responsible for using resources in a way that ensures they will be available for future generations. Sustainability can apply to any industry—even the financial sector. Charles Schwab is an established investment company whose actions and values provide a perfect social responsibility definition for their satisfied clients.

Financial Sustainability

How can financial investments be sustainable? Charles Schwab believes in putting the power back in the hands of the investors. Brokers create portfolios based on the investor’s goals. Most of their trades and options are commission free. The company provides advanced research tools for customers. With Schwab’s Intelligent Portfolios, clients do not pay advisory fees, account service fees, or commissions. Schwab does not have minimum costs for its index funds, which can lead to greater returns for investors. These are all ways Charles Schwab practices a sustainable business model, tailoring portfolios to clients instead of assuming all investors have the same needs. Charles Schwab’s brokers take the time to listen to each customer’s needs and build their accounts with the customer in mind.

Keeping the Customer First

Charles Schwab offers brokerage services that keep the customer in mind. The company also offers options for online trading. Services include stock and ETF trading, streamlined purchasing, and mobile tools to let clients conduct trades anywhere, at any time, even after hours. There are also options that provide insights into stocks, to help clients make informed choices about which stocks to buy. The online trading platform offers educational resources, one-on-one consultation, and dedicated support.

We hope we have made clear that there is more than one corporate social responsibility definition. Charles Schwab defines corporate social responsibility as providing sustainable options and service for its financial clients. The company is an example that other companies can learn from, whether they are in the financial sector or another area. Sustainability is possible in any kind of business, new or established. Charles Schwab shows why this is true.

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