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Clif Bar – B Corp Roots

Defining the B Corp

A B corp, or benefit corporation, is one with a goal of valuing people and causes over profits. This ideal carries over into everything the company does. Many benefit corporations will involve themselves with social issues. These could include helping homeless people, improving educational outcomes, or providing aid to people living with disabilities. There are as many social issues and pressing needs as there are populations and societies in the world. A B corp seeks to address those pressing needs.

A typical B corp will also adapt practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This includes where and how the company gets the raw materials for its products. It may involve replenishing the resources it uses. Sustainability  involves fair treatment of communities that provide the raw materials for products. This practice is called Fair Trade, and it is important to many benefit corporations and others who practice corporate social responsibility.

Finally, a B corp will want to provide the best possible work experience for its employees. This may include paying a living wage, providing health insurance for all, or working to increase worker safety during production. One of the best examples of a B corp is Clif Bar and Company.

Introducing Clif Bar

This benefit corporation makes healthy snacks for active people. The company states on its website that it wants to reduce its environmental footprint. It only uses sustainable, organic ingredients in its Clif bars. Renewable energy is used in the baking process. Clif Bar and Company packs its products in packaging that is environmentally friendly. The company’s commitment to a healthier planet even extends to its distribution network, where it uses transportation that will not pollute the environment.

Caring for its employees is another characteristic of a B corp. Clif Bar is family and employee-owned. Their belief is that happy, healthy people can produce the healthiest food for customers. The company offers competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and wellness programs. They also support their employees in advancing and growing their careers.

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Clif Bar founded its Clif Bar Family Foundation in 2006. This foundation helps small, grassroots nonprofits with community improvement funding. The companies helped by the Foundation are working on conservation, watershed restoration, and forging bike-friendly communities. Many of the companies also work to remove food toxins, improve food security, and expand organic farming initiatives. The Foundation is a great example of how Clif Bar is working to reduce its environmental footprint and increase the quality of life for communities.

Clif Bar and Company is a real B corp. Its values are built into its mission statement, and were part of its founding in 1992. It works to provide benefits for its employees, customers, environment, and other groups with similar goals. Clif Bar is reducing its environmental footprint to improve society and bring about change, one healthy snack at a time.

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