Graeme Newell

Coke Wallet Case Study

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  • Coke’s brand is starry-eyed optimism.
  • Your brand should be an emotional trigger.

Coke is one of my favorite emotional marketing brands because Coke isn’t in the beverage business. Coke is in the “good times with close friends” business.

You’ll see a familiar rhythm in Coke ads. A lone person pops open a Coke, and a warm group of family and friends come together. Coke’s emotional marketing strategy is to attach itself to one of the strongest feelings in our lives – our love of good times spent with those closest to us.

“Once again, I see myself with my friends. Dancing the night away, it’s like the party never ends.” You’ll see this same formula over and over again. Coke’s brand is starry-eyed optimism. That wonderful feeling that people are good and we’re all one.

In this next ad, Coke places a lost wallet in a busy sports arena and tests the honesty of everyday people. It warms our heart as we watch person after person do the right thing. Then, Coke follows its familiar formula. It puts these good deeds on the stadium screens.

Notice how thousands of people are suddenly brought together in a celebration. And for just a moment, we all believe that people are good and honest. We’re all left with a little hope, and a wonderful, warm, positive glow. Yes, there are reasons to believe in a better world.That good feeling of people coming together, is Coke’s brand. Coke’s brand isn’t about Colas. Colas are a commodity. So what can we learn from Coke? Your brand should be an emotional trigger for the very best feelings that customers want to feel about themselves. Don’t let your product distract you from your first job – building an emotional connection with your customers.

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