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The Container Store’s Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility

Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility

Some companies are the very definition of corporate social responsibility. The Container Store, a U.S. based provider of home and business storage solutions, is one of them. When we went looking for a definition of corporate social responsibility, we found the Container Store. We are happy to share what this company does so that other businesses can follow its terrific example.

Anyone familiar with the Container Store knows about the home products they sell. There are boxes for shoes, clothes, books, appliances, toys, and all the other things that can clutter up a home. Each box or case is designed for a specific purpose. The Container Store even offers closet makeovers on their website. Having an organized closet can make anyone more efficient. It helps customers enjoy getting ready for the day.

Storage Experts

But storage containers and closet makeovers are not the only things the Container Store provides. A Container Store storage expert will also come to your home and spend a day organizing it with you. Imagine the feeling of peace and calm that comes from knowing where everything is and having a clutter-free home. Your consultant will help you identify trouble spots in your home and generally make your life easier. This unique service is one reason why we call The Container Store a definition of corporate social responsibility. They have found a way to have a positive impact while following their core business model.

Partners for Education

The Container Store also works with UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Education Fund. Their partnership has a goal of putting children first. The Container Store’s leadership believes that all children should have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Education is one of the most important factors in lifting people out of poverty. The Container Store accepts donations in its store on behalf of UNICEF. The money produces many positive differences in the lives of school age children. It can provide notebooks, self-learning materials, chalkboards, and even a School-In-A-Box. The School-In-A-Box lets 40 students continue their learning in a disaster situation for three months.

The Container Store is a source for handy storage materials that will fit any household need. It is also much more than that. The company provide organizing services to help people feel more in control in their homes. They work with UNICEF to provide school supplies for children living in poverty throughout the world. These actions help the Container Store expand the definition of corporate social responsibility into new areas.

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Contained Home of Container Store, a service which will help you organize your home.

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The Container Store supporting UNICEF.

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The Container Store CEO, Kip Tindell, talks about creating a busines where everyone can thrive.

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An emotional woman sharing her joys when she saw their area being neatly organized with the help of The Container Store.

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