Graeme Newell

current trends in marketing: feeding the egos of business men

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_video link=”” size=”825″][vc_column_text]What makes business men tick? Current trends in marketing suggest stress and overwork are some of the main culprits. In this presentation, emotional marketing expert, Graeme Newell explains how some men are downright proud of being busier than everyone else. Graeme uses examples of some of the best advertising campaigns on television in order clarify this issue.

Graeme uses some of the best television ads from Discover Card, Guinness, American Express, and Heineken in order to show how feeding the egos of businessmen are a current marketing trend. Tenaciousness is the term that is used to convey this. Advertisers use tenacity to market products because it provides and emotional drive to achieve a goal no matter what the costs. Discover card shows my showing an employees work ethic, through the long haul. Guinness also shows this when positioning a brand in their advertisement. They describe their beer as that stays through the long haul until the very end. These two ads are proof to show that tenacity is an extremely powerful emotional driver. American Express utilizes the athlete, Tiger Woods, and the concept of perseverance to get their point across. Tenacity is everywhere. Another to go at this approach is to actually deny the need in order to show the bad side or shame of not sticking to it. Heineken uses this in their advertisement showing the shame in not having the tenacity to do what is right. What Graeme is basically trying to showcase is that tenacity an emotional driver and current trend in marketing that is being underutilized and that is something that needs to change.
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