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Curse of Knowledge

Brace yourselves, mind ninjas! We’re cracking open the “Curse of Knowledge” – sounds spooky, but it’s not about ghosts. It’s a peculiar brain quirk:
Once we learn something, we totally forget what it’s like to be a newbie.

Our brain gets so full of smarty-pants knowledge that it lures us to treat newbies with CONTEMPT. And contempt is just about the best way in the world to get someone to hate you. “Algebra is super easy for me. Why is everyone else so dumb?”


1️⃣ Tech Wiz Troubles:
You ask your super geeky friend to fix your computer and suddenly it’s like she’s speaking Martian. She totally forgot that “rebooting the DNS server” sounds like a magic spell to us mere mortals. Her brain’s so crammed with tech-speak that she can’t translate to human anymore.

2️⃣ Granny’s “Simple” Recipe:
Granny tells you her cake recipe is foolproof. “Just a pinch of this, a smidgeon of that.” And you’re like, “Wait, what’s a smidgeon?!” Granny’s been baking for eons and she’s forgotten we don’t all have her ancient measuring wisdom.

How can you beat the Curse of Knowledge? Try these tactics:

1️⃣ Play ‘Pop the Question:’
Before you get on your knowledge-high-horse, take the time to ask your peeps what they already know. That way, you can tailor your wizardry to suit their current vibe.

2️⃣ Bite-Sized Brain Buffet:
Serve up a brain buffet with appetizing bite-sized lessons. Nibble on as many knowledge snacks as brain-hunger and the clock will allow. Think modular, not comprehensive.

3️⃣ Sync Your Heartstrings:
Connect with your audience on a human level by sharing the universal truth that beginnings are often rough patches for all. Recount the bumpy road you faced during the dawn of your own learning. Encourage them to see questions as the spark plugs of understanding.

4️⃣ Trim the Knowledge Tree:
Prune those branches! Sometimes we’re tempted to share every leaf of knowledge. Focus on the essentials first and let the group set its own pace for learning. Don’t unload a botanical garden when all they need is a potted plant.

5️⃣ Back to Basics Playlist:
Remember the fundamental concepts and be ready to hit the rewind button. Oftentimes, revisiting the classics can bring everyone back in sync.