Graeme Newell

Decision Science

Behavioral Finance

Economics speaker Graeme Newell shows us the weird way that our brains make money decisions. Turns out that most of our decision-making happens in our subconscious, instinctual brain, not with our rational brain.

Graeme Newell is a researcher in behavioral investing, behavioral economics, and finance psychology. He is a professional economics speaker, a personal finance speaker, and an expert in behavioral finance biases.

In this video, you’ll learn all about how cognitive bias can trick us into making foolish choices. You’ll learn specific ways to recognize the signs that a bad decision is likely, then how to quickly get back on track.

Cognitive Bias

What is the novelty effect? It’s a cognitive bias that keeps our overworked brain from getting overloaded by too much data. When our computer receives too much data to process, it can crash, But this isn’t an option for our human brain computer.

If our brain crashes, ever once, we die. Luckily our brain has worked out an ingenious strategy to prevent overload. It simply makes unwanted input automatically DISAPPEAR.

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