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Dollar Shave Club: A Corporate Social Responsibility Definition Business

Changing the Way Men Shave

Dollar Shave Club is an aggressive upstart company that provides razors for men. We find it to be a perfect example of a corporate social responsibility definition business. This may sound like a mouthful, but let’s break it down a little.

We have explored the meaning of corporate social responsibility in previous posts. CSR means that companies must have a positive impact on society in addition to generating a profit or return for stakeholders. This is not a complete social responsibility definition, but it is a good working one. Sustainability is at the heart of every CSR business.


Our reason for naming Dollar Shave Club as a corporate social responsibility definition business is this: it is causing disruption to a long standing industry, improving the lives of its customers, and practicing a sustainable business model. Men’s shaving products change all the time, with ever higher numbers of blades and different means of lubrication. But these are superficial changes, designed to distinguish razors so customers will want to buy them. One thing that never seems to change for the better is the price of men’s razors. A month’s supply of razors can cost twenty dollars or more at a retail store. Dollar Shave Club CEO, Mike Dubin, recognized this problem and decided to do something about it.

Dubin founded the Dollar Shave Club. He initially offered simple, good quality razors that did not have a dizzying array of features. Since the razors lacked bells and whistles, they cost less money to produce and distribute. This meant Dubin was able to sell them for a few dollars a month. Men who signed up for razor delivery became members. Dubin offered them a way to save money and also feel they were part of a special group.

Smart Emotional Marketing

By calling his company a club, and inviting customers to become members, Durbin is practicing emotional marketing in addition to being socially responsible. We usually think of CSR companies as having big initiatives to clean up the environment, help those less fortunate, or fund life changing research. Dollar Shave Club has a smaller vision, but one that is just as impactful in changing men’s lives. The company’s supply chain supply chain also provides jobs. For these reasons, we are happy to name Dollar Shave Club as a corporate social responsibility definition business. They are setting a standard and teaching lessons that any company can learn from.

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