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emotional branding strategy: using edgy humor to position a brand

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Mockery and sarcasm are the secret sauce behind so many breakthrough ad campaigns, but how do you use edgy humor without coming off as mean and spiteful?

In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell shows how the world’s best advertisers turn very negative emotions into delightfully charming emotional brand strategy.  Learn how master marketers use guilty pleasure in brand strategy development.

Negative Emotional Branding Strategy

It’s a harsh world that we live in, and all the public wants is to have some respite from the constant torrent of negativity that is thrown at them in TV promotion day-in and day-out…right? Wrong. When it comes time to position a brand for success, the best emotional branding strategy is almost always to crank up the negativity to 11. But how do we do this without alienating our audience with our marketing brand strategy? We use humor in advertising to disguise it.

Feel-Good Marketing Brand Strategy

Let’s take it back a second. Not all marketing brand strategy needs to position a brand around negativity and use humor in advertising to make it palatable to the viewer. There are plenty of brands out there whose brand strategy marketing revolves completely around making the viewer feel good about humanity and themselves. Often times feel-good brands like pharmaceutical companies will apply this marketing brand strategy to make their customers feel good about themselves, but this approach isn’t always the best bet.

Position a Brand Around Negativity

When you position a brand around negativity, you are thrusting your brand into some of the meanest, nastiest emotions that humans feel. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing on its own. The trick for this emotional branding strategy is to position a brand with negativity, but soften the bite of the negativity with humor in advertising. By implementing humor in advertising in your marketing brand strategy, you can make normally unacceptable and downright awful emotions totally fine as long as you wrap it in the warm glow of humor. This is how you can position a brand with negativity using humor in advertising.

Guilty-Pleasure Brand Strategy Development

As is the case with any emotional branding strategy and any marketing brand strategy, when you position a brand you must do so with the customer in mind. When engaging in brand strategy development, your marketing brand strategy needs to be focused on what your customer wants to feel about themselves and the world around them. We have found that a lot of the time, the average person feels all sorts of nasty, shameful emotions. It’s the job of creative copy writers to reaffirm those feelings and make them ok – and this is accomplished when you use humor in advertising with negative brand strategy development. This brand strategy development used to position a brand for negativity inevitably leads to brand strategy marketing that uses humor in advertising to deliver the message.

Guilty-Pleasure Brand Strategy Marketing

When you position a brand, remember that in the end the best promo videos are the ones that really incorporate emotional branding strategy that connects with the customer on a deep, emotional level. A great way to accomplish this goal in brand strategy marketing is to identify as part of your marketing brand strategy what it is that really infuriates your customers. Take this emotion and then use it to position a brand with that in mind. Go ahead and be nasty and mean about it, but always make sure you come back to using that humor in advertising to take the mean edge off the negativity.

Humor in Advertising to Reaffirm our Guilty-Pleasures

One of the greatest secret pleasures we all enjoy is to be nastily negative about various things in our lives. When engaging in brand strategy development, adopt a marketing brand strategy that incorporates all the negative, vicious emotions that the customer feels about their pet-peeves, and then show that you too hate those things. Here, however, you have to follow through on the emotional branding strategy and throw some humor in advertising in to soften the blow. Nobody likes to be faced with the true negativity of their dark-side, so always use the brand strategy marketing decision to utilize humor in advertising.

  • When adopting any emotional branding strategy, or any marketing brand strategy at all for that matter, it is important to first examine the feelings, aspirations, and emotions of your customers. Use this as a basis upon which to position a brand for effective brand strategy marketing
  • When positioning a brand using the marketing brand strategy around negative emotions, always make sure you soften the bite with humor in advertising.

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