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Emotional Branding Tricks of Funniest Commercials: Using Exaggeration

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_video link=”″ size=”825″][vc_column_text]Creating great funny commercials is easy, if you understand the ten humor archetypes that are the foundation of all comedy.

In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing speaker Graeme Newell shows how to create the best laughs using the exaggeration technique. Find out how to use put this simple formula to work in your branding, advertising and marketing.


Emotional branding is everywhere it seems, and is especially prevalent in humor commercials. Today I’m going to look at humor in advertising and how emotional branding can be used with the 10 humor archetypes to make the best humorous advertisements around.


Emotional Branding in Great Humor Commercials

Emotional branding is a cornerstone for any type of advertising humor. While it may not be immediately apparent as to why the funniest commercials rely so heavily on emotional branding, upon closer inspection you will find that nearly all humor in advertising comes from emotional branding. Emotional branding allows humor commercials to really shine with the audience by connecting with them on a deep emotional level. Further, emotional branding has shown us that there are 10 main emotional drivers to use when making humorous advertisements, and I will be talking about a few of them today.

How the Funniest Commercials Do It

The funniest commercials around are very often the ones that also include a deliberate, pertinent message to the customer. The funniest commercials not only get the attention of the viewer using their great humor, but they also use emotional branding to deliver their message of advertising humor. When doing humor commercials, it’s important to remember that emotional branding must accompany the advertising humor to make the message work.

Using Humor in Advertising Effectively

In humor there is always a deal that must be made with the viewer of the humorous advertisements and the makers of the advertising humor. This deal is that in exchange for the viewer’s attention, the advertisers entertain the viewer. This is how the funniest commercials become the most effective humor commercials around. They entertain, and in exchange for entertaining with their advertising humor, the viewer happily listens to the product pitch.

Humorous Advertisements that use Exaggeration Effectively

Exaggeration is a popular tool for making humorous advertisements that really connect with the viewer. When using emotional branding, the funniest commercials all use one of the 10 key emotional drivers for humor, with exaggeration being one of them. Humor commercials that use exaggeration follow the formula much like other strategies – they use exaggeration in their advertising humor to entertain the viewer, and the viewer agrees to listen to their product pitch.

Advertising Humor and Exaggeration

Exaggeration in advertising humor tends to follow a certain pattern. First, the humor commercials identify a single aspect of the product to be used in the advertising humor. Then they take that single aspect and blow it up to absolutely absurd proportions. The funniest commercials use this to show a house catching fire because of how spicy the food is, or a mouse overcoming a mousetrap thanks to the delicious cheese.

Humor Commercials by the Numbers

All too often advertisers fear humor in advertising because it seems too difficult to effectively pull off. Using emotional branding and the 10 main humor archetypes will help immensely in creating great humor commercials that really drive a point home. Just use an archetype, like exaggeration, with your humorous advertisements and you will be on your way.


So let’s recap what we learned today:

  • There are 10 main emotional drivers that emotional branding uses in the funniest commercials. By using one of these drivers you can easily produce great advertising humor.
  • When making humor commercials, it’s important to remember that you are cutting a deal with the viewer. The viewer only will listen to your product pitch if you entertain him, so make sure your humor in advertising is good!
  • Exaggeration can be used in humorous advertisements by identifying a single aspect of your product and blowing it way out of proportion – the bigger the better!

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