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Etsy Tops the Corporate Social Responsibility List of Companies

Leading CSR Examples

We at 602 are committed to describing and teaching about corporate social responsibility companies for the benefit of our visitors and clients. The more business owners can learn about CSR, the more they can put its principles to work in their own business. We have a large list of social entrepreneur and CSR companies. We are constantly adding to that list, providing even more learning opportunities. No corporate social responsibility list of companies would be complete without the inclusion of benefit corporations and, B corps. Few B corps provide a better set of lessons than Etsy, the online art and craft distributor.

What is a B Corp?

B corps must prove they are meeting certain goals for positive impact in addition to their revenue goals. A B corp is not a nonprofit. It must answer to stakeholders and provide a return on investment. The leadership of a B corp considers its impact on the environment, community, and society as it makes decisions. These requirements are included in the application for a company to become a B corp. They are legally defined goals, and leadership is held accountable for meeting them. A B corp is different from a benefit corporation. Benefit corporations are a class of corporation recognized in the states where they operate. A B corp is one that is certified and endorsed by B Lab, having met all the sustainability benchmarks B Lab requires. B Lab is the nonprofit organization that sets the standards for B corps and certifies them.

What Makes Etsy Special

Why does Etsy belong at the top of our corporate social responsibility list of companies? First of all, the company was founded as a B Corp. Etsy pledged to follow the environmental guidelines put in place by B Lab. Etsy only sells products created using ethical practices. They have a program that teaches small arts and crafts vendors to grow their businesses. Employees are offered five days per year to spend volunteering in their communities. The company is so committed to recycling and protecting the earth that its employees ride bikes to organic farms to give them their compost.

It is easy to see why Etsy belongs on our corporate social responsibility list of companies. Its B corp status and commitment to sustainability make Etsy a worldwide CSR leader.

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An illustration to show how this different approach to commerce supports our global community of buyers and sellers.

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Etsy’s Craft Entrepreneurship Program given to the folks at Rockford to help them promote their crafts to give them sustainable income.

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An introduction on what Etsy is all about as well as different sellers shares their experiences with Etsy.

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Etsy volunteers at Red Hook Community Farms. Volunteers makes compose for the farm to use.

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Etsy volunteers bikes their way to Brooklyn community farm to give their waste for composting.

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