Graeme Newell

Graeme Newell Speaks on Behavioral Finance:
Guide Your Clients to Smarter Financial Decisions

How can financial consultants establish trust, build relationships and influence better decisions?

Graeme Newell answers these questions and more in a thought-provoking and interactive presentation that leaves audiences motivated, energized, and asking for more.


A brief introduction

Graeme Newell is a leadership speaker who specializes in customer emotional connection. He shows business leaders how to tap into instinctual emotions that turn complacent customers into passionate fans.

Drawing from a library of 50,000 of the world’s most powerful marketing examples, Graeme’s presentations are an emotional rollercoaster and filled with the best practices from the world’s most powerful brands. Graeme reveals the hidden strategies that build strong customer loyalty and increase repeat buying.

He has presented in 25 countries around the world to businesses that include GE, CNN, Sony, Disney, Metlife, CBS, St. Regis Hotels, CNBC, and Madison Square Garden – Graeme Newell speaking is a world-wide experience.

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Testimonials About Graeme

Graeme Newell entertains and enlightens financial advisors

Drawing from neuroscience research and industry best-practice, Graeme Newell explores the financial customer’s mindset and shows financial advisors how to help their clients make smarter decisions.

Participants learn how to:

• Create conversation with new clients

• Craft narratives that motivate savings, investment and insurance spending

• Connect with clients in a meaningful way

• Recognize each client’s real fears and aspirations

• Identify each client’s needs and wants

• Earn trust and confidence

• Ask for referrals

• Sustain a lasting client relationship

Graeme Newell. A rising star in financial services.

For 20 years, Graeme Newell has been a leader in the research and application of emotional appeals to general consumer marketing.

Now Graeme applies his proven techniques specifically to the sales and marketing of financial services as a thought leader in the emerging science of behavioral finance.

With insights uncovered through neuroscience, Graeme shows how clients make decisions instinctually and validate them rationally. He reveals the hidden strategies that build customer loyalty, motivate incremental investment, and increase repeat business.

Drawing from a vast library of the world’s most powerful marketing examples, Graeme also demonstrates the successful application of these strategies in the real world.

More than just captivating entertainment, Graeme’s presentations provide his audience with a toolkit of actionable tactics they can put to use right away.

Graeme has presented his game-changing theories in 25 countries to more than 400 business organizations, including GE, CNN, Sony, Disney, Metlife, CBS, St. Regis Hotels, CNBC, and Madison Square Garden.

Understand how clients process decisions
on finances and their futures

Powerful neuroscience tools now let you understand your customers mindset and motivations.

Through brain scanning, eye tracking and facial expression coding, we’ve been able to match instinctual reactions to a variety of emotional appeals, logical arguments and social cues. We’ve learned how clients process information and rely on instincts to facilitate decision-making.

All of this next-generation technology has provided immediate feedback on the effectiveness of sales tactics and every part of customer interaction.

In my presentation, I make all this complicated brain science simple and compelling. I will show you definitively what motivates your various clients to invest, and just as important, what turns them off. You will learn how to engage with your customers in more meaningful ways.

These are not psychological tricks meant to manipulate prospects and clients. These are not a lot of vapid platitudes and catchy sales slogans. These are real, proven sales tactics you can immediately apply to establish trust, build a meaningful relationship, and better coach your client toward the future they want.

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As a meeting planner, you want a fun and memorable event that provides unique and relevant content. My presentation will be a brilliant reflection on you!

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Graeme Newell’s Behavioral Finance Presentation applies to all advisors, consultants, planners, sales and marketing professionals in the financial services sector.

The presentation can also be customized to address the needs of your specific financial services or company. To learn more, or discuss your specific needs of your group, contact Graeme Newell by email or call XXX-XXX-XXXX

To learn more, or discuss the specific needs of your group, contact Graeme Newell by email or call XXX-XXX-XXXX.


602 Communications is a research, training and consulting company that specializes in behavioral finance and emotional marketing. Through our popular speaking and training events, we help financial service professionals understand their clients and better guide them toward smart financial decisions.

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