Graeme Newell

Weird Ways Your Brain Makes Money Choices

Behavioral finance speaker Graeme Newell takes us on a fun journey to reveal the weird way our very flawed human brain makes money decisions. Graeme Newell is a top financial speaker and expert on behavioral investing and behavioral finance.

Using fun exercises, weird brain games, and fascinating science, behavioral finance speaker Graeme Newell provides us a captivating tour of how our deeply flawed brains navigate the world of money.

Graeme Newell is one of the top finance speakers because he takes the dry topic of behavioral finance biases and brings it alive with fun interactive games. He quizzes and banters with his audience, demonstrating live how our brain’s flawed thinking can trick us into bad choices.

Using the latest brain science insights, he shows audiences how to drive better decision-making and customer messaging that connects on a deep emotional level. This is what has made him one of the most requested speakers on economics. He has regularly appeared at conferences around the world, delivering one behavior finance lecture after another, and doing it in a fun interactive way.

In this fun and example-packed behavioral economics presentation, finance psychology researcher Graeme Newell reveals the latest revelations from the science of behavioral economics. You’ll learn to recognize the subtle behavioral clues that a money decision may be based on irrational thinking or hidden emotion. Graeme reveals the moments when we’re most vulnerable to impulsive decision making and how to get back on track before it costs us money.

Whether it’s a behavioral economics webinar or a behavioral finance speech, Graeme Newell gets audiences engaged and excited about the sometimes complicated world of finance psychology. He makes it simple, interesting, and playful.