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Honest Kitchen is a pet food company with corporate social responsibility

CSR For Every Creature?

We usually think of corporate social responsibility as applying to people. A company with corporate social responsibility goals might provide healthy food in areas where food deserts exist. This benefits the quality of life for people living there. But quality of life issues extend to animals, too. The wrong kind of food can make a pet sick. Pets can suffer from chronic conditions that may be related to diet. Animals can also face abuse and neglect at the hands of their owners. There has been a lot of media attention devoted to puppy mills, facilities that produce puppies for sale at pet stores with little oversight. Isn’t it time someone set up a CSR company for our four legged friends?

The Honest Kitchen is a dog food company with corporate social responsibility built into every recipe. The company uses natural human grade ingredients in all its products. The beef, chicken, turkey and fresh vegetables are dehydrated for a long shelf life. Founder Lucy Postins started the company in her own kitchen in 2002. She realized that her pet dog’s diet played a role in his ear infections and skin problems. Not finding any healthy, convenient alternatives for her dog’s food, Postins decided to make her own. This startup attitude is at the heart of everything Honest Kitchen does. Postin’s employees bring their dogs and cats to work. Staffers go on field trips together to learn more about how their products are sourced.

Reducing Their Pawprint

Perhaps the greatest factor that makes Honest Kitchen a company with social responsibility is its commitment to safeguarding the planet. They call it reducing their environmental paw print. Their supply chain is human and pet friendly. Honest Kitchen uses certified organic ingredients, rather than conventional ingredients, whenever possible. They only use 100% non-GMO produce, along with organic seeds and grains. The Non-GMO Project has verified a few of THK’s products. The company also uses wild caught fish and meats that are humanely raised.

Taking a Stand

The Honest Kitchen even refuses to do business with pet stores that sell puppies. Postins and her team are proponents of the “adopt, don’t shop” philosophy of pet ownership. They offer discounts to nonprofit rescue facilities.  The company only sells online and to independent pet food stores that it thoroughly vets as part of the arrangement.

Who would have thought that animals can benefit from the idea of corporate social responsibility as much as people do? The Honest Kitchen has built a successful brand and business on the idea that pets have problems, too, and may need our help.

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An explanation of how their pet food is a bit different than traditional kibble or cans since their ingredients are dehydrated.

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Dog Food Paw-lanthropy Program Promotes Adopt Don’t Shop Headlines for the Hopeful – The Honest Kitchen supports the mission to adopt dogs in need of a good home.

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Dr. Patrick Mahaney talks to us about Honest Kitchen jerky and gives his approval of how good it is for your pet.

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Local Pet Market takes a look at Honest Kitchen and Grandma Lucy’s pet food.

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