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Kashi-real benefit corporation making real food

A Real Benefit Corporation

Kashi produces and markets whole-grain cereals, bars, cookies, and crackers. The company also offers waffles, drink mix powders, and complete entrees. Kashi’s focus is on using simple, wholesome ingredients. The company’s website describes its approach as innovative nutrition. In all its products, Kashi is mindful of the nutrition and value its customers expect. Every ingredient is chosen for its health benefits, and every ingredient is plant-based. The manufacturing process is another area where Kashi exhibits its commitment to health and sustainability. Kashi promotes ethical farming practices. All these factors go into making Kashi a global benefit corporation. The company places a great emphasis on the benefits it can provide to society, not just on its profit bottom line.

Wholesome Ingredients

Kashi’s commitment begins with the ingredients it uses. Quinoa is one of the basic building blocks of Kashi’s foods. Quinoa is a protein-rich superfood. The company also uses sweet potatoes, which are high in vitamin A and other nutrients. Sprouted grains provide minerals and fiber that are essential to healthy growth and energy levels. These wholesome ingredients are of great benefit to the consumer. Kashi goes further by training farmers in organic farming techniques to increase organic acreage throughout the world. These actions distinguish Kashi as a benefit corporation in every sense of the phrase. Other Kashi basics include hard red wheat, brown rice, barley, buckwheat and others. Each plant based ingredient promotes health and well-being and is a vital part of Kashi’s products.

Minimum Impact

In addition to providing protein, the grains Kashi uses keep impact on soil and the planet to a minimum. The company selected their 7 whole grains and sesame blend for the taste, texture and nutritional value of the grains. They are part of Kashi’s mission to nourish people and planet.

Kashi is a standout example of a benefit corporation that is focused on its triple bottom line—helping people, helping the environment, and making a profit for stakeholders. Their sustainable plant-based ingredients promote nutrition and lessen the impact of farming throughout the world. In everything it does, Kashi strives to fulfill its mission and purpose while addressing some of society’s issues around food and land use.

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Jeff Jonhson from Kashi shares what Made to Matter means for him; it’s all about making a positive impact, which is the mission that fuels the company.

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Kashi partners up with Feeding America to help fight hunger in disadvantaged areas.

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The Kashi team visited a local street fair and asked random people one question: “How much US farmland do you think is organic?” People were surprised when the team revealed the answer.

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