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marketing plan strategy: how to build the ultimate macho brand

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_video link=”″ size=”825″][vc_column_text]Macho brands don’t caudal their customers. The brand marketing strategy promises suffering and pain. Macho brands taunt their fans, challenging them to be worthy of the brand ideals.

In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell reveals the marketing plan strategy behind some of the world’s brawniest brands. See how these testosterone-soaked brands win loyalty by challenging customers to step up to new levels of mental and physical toughness.

Transcription text of the 3-Minute Emotional Marketing Lesson Video “Marketing Plan Strategy: How to Build the Ultimate Macho Brand” by Graeme Newell, emotional marketing researcher, emotional marketing speaker and customer loyalty researcher, and consultant at 602 Communications.


Hi I’m Graeme Newell. Today, I’m going to show the secrets of misery marketing.

Some brands try to convince you that life’s a bed of roses with their product.

“This is 5.1 surround sound luxury, luxury: advanced.”

But on the other side of the marketing divide, are the brands that promise you suffering and pain. Brands like Gatorade…

“Whatever metal you are striving to wind, efforts will always be the main adversary to beat”

Can you show that effort, and be worthy of this brand? Or are you some sniveling wimp, cowering in a luxury sedan?

Brands like Nike will be your companion on a trip through hell. These are the aspirational brands. They don’t show off a product, they show off their high standards then dare you to meet them. In each ad, is the story of a test, where most will fail.

“In all the world, there are a select few who at their very core are capable of an incredible transformation. In the most grueling conditions they are shaped, hardened, sharpened, ready to stand above the most elite of all warriors”

The test, might be a test of will or strength, like the marines. But it might also be a test against a competitor, like this internet poker ad.

“In poker, the cards alone can’t tell you much about the players. But the player, carefully studied, can tell you everything about the cards. So we don’t just play the cards, we play the man”

The test might also be in a crowded bar, where one man will win a chance with the boss’s hot daughter.

“This little maneuver is entirely ill-conceived. Well done”

Just like the marines, Heineken shows it’s only for those at the top of their game. Lesser men will be left bleeding on the club floor.

You don’t buy a Dodge Ram truck. You earn the right to own one.

“This is the land of giants. Home of the brave. It’s where fear goes unwelcome. And certain men find their way to rise above. This is the land of giants. Guts, glory, ram.”

So if you want to build a brand that’s an exclusive club, sometimes you gotta smack the members around a little bit. What’s the test you’ll demand your customers pass? I’m Graeme Newell and that’s emotional marketing.

If you’re marketing to men, or anyone for that matter, it stands to reason that you need a good marketing plan strategy and brand marketing strategy to make it happen. Most brands are all about telling you that once you get their product, life will be nothing but blue skies going forward. While that is a solid brand marketing strategy for most brands, when marketing to men who see themselves as warriors on the battlefield, it just doesn’t cut it.

Building a Marketing Plan Strategy on Misery

One way to go about marketing to men is to show them how nice life would be with a product, and focusing your brand marketing strategy on luxury and splendor – the best comforts around. However, some brands take the exact opposite marketing plan strategy and taunt their customers, questioning if they’re tough enough to endure the misery and agony that comes with their product. This taunting, sneering attitude is a cornerstone to the brand marketing strategy of brands like Nike, Gatorade, and Ram trucks when they’re marketing to men. These products truly will be your companion when you’re slogging through the trenches – they’re aspirational brands.

Marketing to Men by Testing Them

Every one of these aspirational ads execute their marketing to men by showing them a test. This test could be a test of their mettle, their toughness, intelligence, even their very manhood – the common thread is that most men, lesser men, will fail this test. Brands like Nike build their marketing plan strategy around this feeling of superiority to others. Their brand marketing strategy is to set a standard and dare their customers to rise to the challenge. When marketing to men, these brands are at their best when marketing to men, because men are more easily provoked by the brand marketing strategy that these aspirational brands use.

Brand Marketing Strategy for Macho Men

The key to marketing to men in this case is that your brand is a members-only club. In order to be accepted into the hallowed echelons of your organization, you have to be tough. Most men don’t have what it takes to wear Nikes, or to drive a Dodge Ram, but the select few do. This marketing plan strategy works so well because all men want to think that they’re part of the elite few, the chosen ones. To put it very succinctly, you don’t buy a Dodge Ram truck, you earn the right to own one. This is a powerful tool when marketing to men, because who doesn’t want to feel superior when driving around town?

So to recap, today we covered the following points

  • Marketing Plan Strategy on Misery: Instead of promising the good life with all the creature comforts that come with it, show your customers a long, hard road to a hard-earned victory over lesser men
  • Marketing to Men by Testing Them: Ads that build aspirational brands all feature a test. These tests can be against the elements, against yourself, or even against the other guys in the bar.
  • Brand Marketing Strategy for Macho Men: You’re making a members-only club when building an aspirational brand. It’s not easy to get in, and only the tough survive here, so if you’re not man enough for it go somewhere else.

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