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marketing to men: best emotional branding tactics for advertising to men

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Want to win the hearts of your male customers? Great brands do their homework to find the deep emotional triggers that make a marketing message irresistible.

In this speech from the iMark marketing conference in Iceland, emotional marketing speaker Graeme Newell shows how the world’s most powerful brands make strong connections when marketing to men.  Learn how to use emotional branding to tap their most powerful beliefs.

Marketing to men is the advertising industry’s forte – or so we think. Marketing has long been about advertising to men, but long-gone are the days when marketing to men was as easy as showing a hot chick using the product. Since then, emotional marketing and emotional branding have taught us many things about advertising to men and marketing to men, and here’s some tips for making your advertising to men more effective using emotional marketing.

Old-School Advertising to Men

When it comes to advertising to men, the ad industry thinks it has it all figured out. Marketing to men is as simple as appealing to their macho side, right? Wrong. Emotional branding has taught us that marketing to men may very well be that simple sometimes, but often times when advertising to men one has to use more advanced emotional marketing tactics to endear their product to men. There are many advertising copywriters who wish they could go back to an era before we knew about emotional branding and marketing to men was a simple process. The thing is, that sort of elementary thinking just won’t work when advertising to men anymore. We now need to really figure out what emotional marketing approaches work for every individual market to really make great marketing to men.

How Marketing to Men Has Changed

As I said before, marketing to men has changed immensely over the years. Just putting a hot chick up on a motorcycle using your product doesn’t cut it anymore when advertising to men. The key here is to really dig deep down and figure out what men really want to feel about themselves. This is where emotional marketing and emotional branding really come in. Marketing to men should be approached just like any other emotional branding problem – forget about your own desires and agenda and figure out what the customer really wants and desires.

Emotional Branding to Men

When building a brand that targets men, the first thing you must do is figure out how you are going to do your advertising to men. This involves figuring out what they want, what they love, and what they hate. These emotions are what make them individuals, and they’re how emotional marketing can build fanatical bonds with customers when advertising to men. Most companies don’t understand this and end up making subpar marketing to men. By using the emotional branding approach to your marketing to men, you have the potential to make truly ascendant marketing.

Emotional Marketing to Specific Men

Over the years we have been researching marketing to men and advertising to men, we have found some very interesting things about these demographics. For example, if you want to make advertising to men in their 50’s, what emotional marketing tricks would you use? If you said “scare them senseless,” you would be right. Marketing to men in their 50’s is best done by frightening them, because they feel so responsible for their families. How about marketing to African-American men in their 20/30’s? You would use the emotional branding trick of shaming them into buying your product. Peer-pressure is very strong with this group, and that can be used to really make your brand more than just a product when marketing to men in this category. As you can see, emotional branding can be used in just about every situation where you are marketing to men, so get out there and figure out what makes your customers tick!

So let’s recap the emotional marketing tricks we went over today
•    Advertising to men used to be easy – you just had to put a hot chick on a Harley and have her use the product and your marketing to men was done. Unfortunately, advertising has come a long way since then and emotional marketing is the new norm.
•    Marketing to men can be accomplished by using emotional branding tricks learned by listening to your customers, not your company agenda. Learn to discard your agenda and listen to what makes your customers tick when making your marketing to men.
•    Emotional branding can be used to hone in on the exact feelings and desires of any group of people, you just have to listen and really throw your weight behind the emotional marketing.[/vc_column_text][stm_post_comments][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][stm_sidebar sidebar=”1162″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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