Graeme Newell

Memory Multi-Sense

Why is it that decades later, you can flawlessly sing every single word of Bohemian Rhapsody, yet completely forget the three items on your grocery list? Songs stimulate multiple senses.

Each of our five senses has its own dedicated memory circuits. Every addition sense we enroll in memory creation builds entirely new pathways in our brain. So the best way to improve our memory is to ENROLL MORE SENSES.

World class memory athletes remember long lists by transforming seemingly meaningless information into multi-sensory experiences. They turn random numbers into people and random facts into sounds.

So if you want to remember more, you need to consciously double or triple up on the senses you engage in memory creation.

Let’s say you want to remember to recommend some great new takeout food to a friend:

-TASTE the food and think of your friend at the same time.
-SPEAK the name of the food and your friend’s name aloud.
-FEEL the vibrations of the way the food crunches in your mouth.
-SMELL the odor of the food.
-Stick your fingers in the food and FEEL the texture.

Each new pathway you engage dramatically increases your ability to recall.