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The Research

Surveys of potential students for Post University’s online degree program revealed a stigma surrounding an “online degree.” Some felt that the education wasn’t as good. Others feared that employers would value an online degree less than a traditional campus degree. Other surveys and studies showed that, in truth, online graduates performed as well as traditional graduates and were equally satisfied with their education.


The Objective

Distinguish the Post University Online Degree program from other “online degree” programs. The delivery vehicle was online, but the degree provided a Post University education. It was hoped that this distinction would resonate with prospects, students and future employers.


The Strategy

Post University’s was a highly rated academic program, and their reputation among prospects in the Northeast, especially Connecticut, was stellar. The strategy focused on leveraging Post University’s reputation, while simultaneously re-positioning the online degree. It would no longer be an “online degree.” It would now be a “Post University degree—online.”


The Results

The media buy included extensive radio, TV, email and PPC advertising for a six-month period. During the media schedule, there was a 600% increase in inquiries and conversion-to-enrollment more than doubled from 1.5 percent to 4.2 percent. After the media schedule, inquiries dropped substantially, though remained higher than before the campaign.

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