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RTI international stands out as a conscious company for employees

RTI is a Conscious Company Fostering Solutions

Many companies claim to be conscious and aware of what their employees and customers need. But what does it really mean to be a conscious company in the 21st century? RTI International is forging a new path for employees to truly innovate within the company.

Innovation has always been a part of RTI, since its founding in 1958. Several years ago, the company found ways to harness the power of innovation. RTI’s employees are knowledge workers with expertise to share. RTI gives employees an opportunity to bring their ideas to life. This makes RTI a great example of a conscious company that fosters innovation.

RTI Showcase

The RTI Showcase is one way the company encourages its workers to be innovative. During the multi-day event, employees display and explain their new ideas to participants. These ideas can be in any area of work that the company does. Employees are able to show their own work for each other’s benefit.

The Showcase advances science and also gives employees a chance to collaborate. This collaboration means benefits for RTI customers. Customers appreciate knowing they are doing business with a conscious company. Employees also benefit from knowing that their voices are heard and their ideas are valued.


Working together on new ideas makes RTI a better and more fun place to work. Another way the company promotes innovation is through its annual Idea-A-Thon. Employees come together to pitch new ideas for products and services. Employees then vote on the best projects, narrow them down to a few, and work in teams to make these projects practical. Recently, a new in-person mobile field data collection system came from an Idea-A-Thon.

RTI International is fully committed to being a conscious company. The company uses employee’s collective imaginations and talents to find fun, innovative solutions to big problems.

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