Graeme Newell

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Watch Graeme in action on stage!….

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Videos telling the stories of the world’s most successful purpose-driven businesses.


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graeme newell has worked with many if the world’s most successful brands

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amazon bestselling author

Red Goldfish book Co-Authored Graeme Newell

In Red Goldfish, Stan Phelps and Graeme Newell share cutting-edge examples and reveal the eight ways businesses can embrace purposes that drive employee engagement, fuel the bottom line, and make an impact on the lives of those it serves.

To write this book, Stan and Graeme evaluated the leadership and operations strategies of 250 purpose-focused businesses. They analyzed more than 3500 marketing examples from these companies, grading each for effectiveness.

Red Goldfish is a guide to help leaders identify their own business purpose, then to implement a purpose-driven strategy that enrolls and invigorates customers, employees, vendors and investors.

Graeme's Highlights

Are you looking for customized content delivered with a healthy dose of emotional marketing that makes attendees take immediate action? With XX years of experience in the industry Graeme teaches individuals to form and sustain relationships that drive productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

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