Graeme Newell

Chapter 13

veritable vegetable changes the face of organic produce

Veritable Vegetable is a distribution company that provides schools and restaurants with organic and sustainable produce. Watch the owners of Veritable Vegetable talk about their investment in purchasing hybrid cars for cleaner air. [stm_sidebar sidebar="1159"] Learn how to find and implement purpose-driven strategy in your businesspreview the book


TerraCycle collects products that are both non-recyclable or just hard to recycle and forges them into new, innovative products. Anyone can send cigarette butts to the Cigarette Waste Brigade by shipping them to TerraCycle, where they are converted into new products.  Tom Shaczy, founder of TerraCycle, shares his commitment to providing the ultimate eco-friendly products for …

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prAna focuses on sustainability in the creation of their products while maintaining a commitment to treating their employees as family. pRana was one of the first companies to bring fair trade apparel to the U.S.  They are committed to making sure that their workers feel safe and comfortable in their workplace environment. [stm_sidebar sidebar="1159"] Learn how …

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kashi-real benefit corporation making real food

A Real Benefit Corporation Kashi produces and markets whole-grain cereals, bars, cookies, and crackers. The company also offers waffles, drink mix powders, and complete entrees. Kashi’s focus is on using simple, wholesome ingredients. The company’s website describes its approach as innovative nutrition. In all its products, Kashi is mindful of the nutrition and value its customers …

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whole foods

A supermarket chain that commits to providing their consumers with healthy and organic food. Buying different foods from Whole Foods can mean something more - saving the environment. [stm_sidebar sidebar="1159"]Learn how to find and implement purpose-driven strategy in your businesspreview the book