Graeme Newell

The times when our brain is most likely to make a bad choice

Want to up the accuracy of your decision making? Then it’s important to understand the two very different thinking systems your brain uses to make a choice.

Believe it or not, computer chip manufacturers are just now discovering a performance hack that our brains have been using for millions of years. Chip designers stumbled upon the fact that performance could be substantially improved if they built a chip that combined two very different thinking systems:

1) A “performance” system that delivers super-fast processing.
2) An “efficiency” system that delivers slower performance but uses less energy.

Mother Nature is way more clever than these Silicon Valley types. That’s why she designed our brain to use this dual-processing system from the get-go.

Starvation was a continual threat during our evolutionary past, so our brain tends to use our “efficiency core” as the default. It’s great at making TONS of decisions using the least possible brain juice. But here’s the downside…this brain system also tends to make a lot of errors.

Watch this short video to learn the situations when we’re most likely to use the wrong part of our brain to make an important decision, and how you can improve your own accuracy.