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The Research

Research into the emotional drivers behind prospects for the EMT programs at Unitek College revealed several important insights. Most significant was the fact that most prospects were more driven by the challenge, excitement and heroic aspect of being an EMT than they were by financial reward. They wanted to be first responders who helped people, treated patients and saved lives. They wanted to rise to the challenge and make a difference in their community. They also wanted to be well-trained in order to excel in the EMT role.


The Objective

Glamorize and sell the role of an EMT and simultaneously position Unitek College as the most robust and efficient route to that occupation.


The Strategy

Based on the motivational insight, the campaign put more emphasis on the heroic aspect of being an EMT over the statistics of career demand and salary. The Unitek EMT program became less about a low-cost route to a high-paying career, and more about a robust and current education that provided a fast route to a challenging and rewarding career that made an important difference. “EMTs treat patients and save lives.”


The Result

The Unitek EMT program, specifically their 14-day EMT Boot Camp, saw a dramatic increase in web visits, inquiries and enrollments.

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