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The Research

Research uncovered several actionable insights, including the unique emotional drivers for 18 different majors that were often more compelling than a high salary. For examples: accounting majors had a passion for numbers, IT majors were attracted to specialized and state-of-the-art expertise, and nursing majors found satisfaction in helping others and making a difference in their lives. On a more tactical level, the research uncovered several barriers to enrollment and possible solutions. For example, many prospects suggested that a free sample class or trial period would be enough to overcome their fear of enrollment.


The Objective

To identify and communicate “hooks” for the various degree programs that were not based on employment projections or financial reward. While some majors are in great demand or offer high salaries, others are not. Understanding our prospect’s relationship to the career field helps our message and program resonate emotionally.



The Strategy

The strategy for this PPC campaign was to reposition the primary benefit of 18 degree programs to resonate with the emotional drivers that had been identified. Headlines included: “Gain specialized knowledge for a growing industry,” “Become a business innovator,” and “Improve the quality of classroom instruction.” At the same time, new landing pages were created that informed most of the enrollment decision (except price) and included a “risk-free three-week trial without any financial obligation.”


The Result

The volume of web visits increased only slightly from prior campaigns with similar PPC spending. The conversion rates, however, improved at least marginally for half of the degree programs, and quite dramatically for the other half. For two programs, the conversion rates rose from 1.5% to almost 6%.

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